Increased security, general improvements in the latest platform update

In this update, we’ve improved security and made general improvements throughout Mercury Network. See complete details in the release notes, and read on for highlights.

Automatic UCDP submission for Conventional Conversion products

You let us know that Conventional Conversion products weren’t being automatically submitted to the UCDP according to your Connection Settings or Client Group settings. This has been corrected, so these products will now be automatically submitted as intended.

Client Group requirement now properly enforced

In cases when Client Group or global settings required the client to select an AMC, the user was able to bypass the required field by making a selection, hitting back, then moving forward without an AMC selected. This has been corrected so that the AMC selection is required and cannot be bypassed by any means.

Security improvements

There are scenarios when it’s appropriate for pages within Mercury Network to be loaded in an iframe—in a proprietary application or LOS, for example. Such cases are prearranged, and we configure those pages to work properly by “white listing” the domains where they’ll be loaded. To better protect everyone’s security, going forward, Mercury Network pages will be prohibited from loading unless the targeted iframe has been white listed. If you have a need to load a page from the platform within an iframe, please contact Client Relations so we can help with this configuration.

In addition, we’ve made sure that several services which power the “back end” of the platform are connecting securely via TLS 1.2. If that doesn’t sound familiar, don’t worry. Just be aware that we’re continually monitoring the platform’s security and adopting the best standards to keep everyone’s data safe in Mercury Network.

Corrected calculation for bid transaction fees

There was a situation where changing the fee for a bid resulted in an incorrect calculation of the transaction fee. This has been resolved so transaction fees will be properly adjusted when the fee for the order has been changed.