Vendors will soon have more control over who assigns orders to them

Coming up, as a vendor, you'll have more control over who can assign orders to you. Whether you're managing your capacity or making sure you establish a relationship with your clients, there's something in this update for everyone.

Limit to fee panel clients only

With this update, you'll have the ability to accept orders only from clients who are already on your fee panel. This can help you ensure that you have a relationship with clients who are sending orders to you. You can set it with a simple checkbox found on the Details tab in your profile.

Remove yourself from a fee panel

You'll soon be able to remove yourself from any fee panel of which you're already a member. We've had several requests for this feature - and while we hope you don't need to use it often - if you need to, it's a simple matter of a couple of clicks in the My Panels tab in your profile.

Put yourself "on-hold" for a fee panel

If you're trying to develop a relationship with a new client, or if you are concentrating on a specific project, it would be helpful to limit your orders from other clients. So, now you can set yourself unavailable for any client's fee panel during a specified timeframe. In the My Panels tab, just click the Set dates link in the Unavailable column to specify the dates during which you won't accept orders from that client.

We think the best ideas for new tools and features come from the folks who are using it every day, so keep it coming to!