In this update: Restrict unsolicited redeliveries, control RealView report sync to your client

This release contains a wide variety of improvements, including a new feature that lets you keep reports from being redelivered without a revision request. We've noted highlights below, and you can see full details in the release notes.

Restrict unsolicited redeliveries

Appraisers sometimes deliver a revised report without first receiving a revision request from you. While there's nothing inherently wrong with that, we learned that this caused a real problem for those of you using automatic submission to UCDP or EAD. That's because the newest report replaces the previous one in the portal, causing headaches if that's not what you intended to happen.

To eliminate this problem, you can now choose to accept redeliveries only when you've issued a revision request. It's easy: Just go to Fee Panel Options and enable Restrict unsolicited reports. Once you've done that, any appraiser attempting to redeliver a report without a revision request will see a notice directing them to contact you. If a revised appraisal is needed, you can request a revision so the appraiser can continue with delivery.


Easily control whether RealView reports and summaries sync to your VMP client

You can now control whether RealView reports and summaries are automatically synchronized with your client, just as you can with most other document types. You'll find this setting in your VMP XSite preferences' Configure Status Mapping section. When you click the cog next to Document Uploaded, you'll see RealView® Report and RealView® Summary are now included in the list of available documents, allowing you to easily select if one or both should automatically be synchronized.


Upcoming features

You've probably noticed that we keep mentioning our work on future features, and this update continues that trend. Specifically, we're ramping up to the July pilot of the "Payments" features which will let Mercury handle the tedium of accepting borrower payments and remitting the appraisal fee to the appraiser. Soon after that pilot, we'll begin rolling out the "next generation" of Mercury Network. In this pilot program, several Mercury users will start using an interface which has been completely redesigned for better performance, efficiency, and security. If you'd like to get involved as a pilot user for any of these exciting new features, let us know by calling Client Relations at 1-800-900-4954.