Commercial appraisal bidding is live!

Now, you can use Mercury Network to manage your commercial bidding orders and ditch cumbersome spreadsheets and email. From comparing bids to sending out notifications when the bid is awarded, you'll find that these new tools fit nicely into your existing workflow. The highlights are below and here are the full release notes.

Your account settings are ready for you to start issuing bids for new commercial appraisal orders. If you'd like to change that setting, it's easy:

Click on Preferences, then Vendor Selection Settings. Navigate to the new Commercial Appraisals tab and turn your order bidding  “OFF” or "ON", whichever you prefer.

Bid due times can be set per-order, or you can set a default bid time to speed up your ordering process. By default, this has been set to 24 hours, but you can change it on the Commercial Appraisers tab.

New orders are automatically sent as bids, but you can quickly change that when starting a new order.

To manage commercial bidding orders, you'll find complete instructions here in the User's Guide.

Key benefits:

Easily compare bids using vital info such as turn times, bid amounts, and vendor's rank.

The Open Bid Orders folder lets you see current open bids and their status at a glance.

Based on your feedback, we've worked hard to make sure commercial bidding works the way you want it to. So, as always, we look forward to hearing what you think! Let us know here.