RealView users: QuickLists are on the way—here's what you'll see

We're excited to tell you that RealView will soon receive QuickLists, our popular tool that makes it fast and easy to reuse common phrases. Read on to get a look at what's on the way.

If you've used RealView for long, you're probably aware of the "stips" feature. Stips are canned comments for each rule which can be used to quickly add information in the comment fields during your review to avoid repetitive typing. While it’s a nice feature, we’d like to make it easier so that Account Admins aren’t required to maintain the stips for every rule per ruleset. So, to help you use quick responses for a more efficient appraisal review, we're introducing QuickLists to RealView's Appraisal Review Checklist.

Mercury Network users have been enjoying QuickLists for years, and a lot of them have told us that they rarely have to type anything because it's so easy to add text with a simple click. That's the same simplicity we're aiming for in RealView, and here's how it will work.

When you're in RealView's Appraisal Review Checklist, the fields for Internal comments  and  Revision instructions will have a new QuickLists icon on the right. When you click the QuickList icon for the first time, you'll see the +Add new link you’ll click to add your first QuickList item.

QuickList items can be any string of text or numbers you frequently use in a specific field for any rule. For instance, if you're adding Revision instructions for Rule 1001: The borrower's name on the appraisal does not match the 1003 or order form you could click +Add new and type a common entry, such as "Please correct the borrower's name to ensure spelling, capitalization, and spacing match the order."

When you click Save, the text you entered will be stored and displayed in QuickLists with a "+" next to it. Going forward, you'll be able to click the "+" to instantly add the QuickList text to that same rule’s field instead of spending the time to type it out. You can also edit and delete QuickList items directly in the checklist, so keeping them up to date is straightforward.

You'll see that the process of adding, editing, deleting, and using QuickList items is much simpler than than it was with stips, so it'll be easier to keep each item up to date.  Plus, as users in your account add QuickList items, all your users will benefit from the growing library of fast responses typically used by your QC Specialists.

When we release QuickLists in the next 2 weeks, if your account is using the new checklist design, the Edit stips link in Ruleset Administration will be removed and a new Edit QuickLists link will become available in Rule Administration, letting Account Admins make any needed changes to their checklists’ QuickList items. Account Admins can also request the QuickList items be made read only for the RealView users, meaning users can't add, edit, or delete items, so the Account Admins will maintain the QuickList library for everyone. But, we hope you'll enjoy the flexibility offered by allowing users to manage QuickList items, eliminating the need for an Account Admin to spend their time adding, editing, or deleting items every time a user requests it.

Don't worry if you're currently using stips because we’ll populate them in your QuickLists so you can begin using them right away. We plan to move your stips information over on May 15. If you make any changes to stips after May 14 then you’ll also need to make those changes in QuickLists when they become available. If you don’t currently use stips, we’ll add some of the most commonly used items to your QuickLists so you can start enjoying the benefits immediately.