Vendors: Now you can add your W-9 info to your profile

We're always looking for ways to help you avoid payment delays from your clients. This update focuses on that goal, giving you a way to add taxpayer information which is often required by your clients when remitting payments.  You can see the full details in the release notes, and the highlights are below.

Add your W-9 information to your profile

As you probably know, many of your clients require your W-9 in order to process your payment, so it made sense to provide a way for you to proactively supply that information. It's really easy: Just go to the Professional tab in your profile and click Add new W-9. You'll see a form that looks exactly like the real W-9 form, so fill it out as usual.

We’ll store this information securely on our servers, and very soon, clients who have added you to their fee panel will be able to view and download a PDF containing your W-9 details. We hope this eliminates any payment delays caused by missing info.

As usual, these improvements are based on feedback we heard from you, so please keep it coming to