This update enhances security and addresses your feedback

The latest update brings enhanced security to the platform, plus improvements based on your input. You can see complete details in the release notes, and read on for the highlights.

Latest security updates

We work with a third-party to constantly monitor and improve every aspect of Mercury Network’s security. They notify us when new technology is available to enhance the platform’s resistance to unauthorized access, so we implement their suggestions as quickly as possible.

That’s why, in this release, we updated security headers on the landing page which are displayed during scheduled maintenance periods on VMP XSites. We also made several pages in the platform resistant to a type of attack—known as CSRF. These efforts help protect data and keep Mercury running reliably and efficiently.

Improved routing for clients’ messages

Based on information you shared with us, we fixed a scenario where a VMP Client’s messages to vendors who service RealCondition Reports weren’t being delivered. Now, those messages (such as property-access instructions) will be delivered to the person charged with performing the property inspection.

Better tax ID validation

When a vendor enters their Tax Identification number in their profile, we validate the number based on the standard Tax ID format. Now, that validation uses a better process to ensure the information we’ve stored is accurate, which reduces payment hiccups based on incorrect information.