Latest update brings expanded Find, improved security, and more

This latest release lets you use Find in more fields, enhances security, and several other improvements. The full details are in the release notes, with highlights below.

Find in more vendor tabs

Recently, we released the Find feature in the fee panel's Appraiser/Agent and AMC/Firms tabs, and it's been well-received. Now, we've added this handy tool to the rest of the vendor tabs.

Security enhancement

We continue to improve the security of Mercury Network. Over the next few releases, additional security will be added to text input fields within Mercury. This step lays the groundwork for stronger security regarding the information users enter into Mercury Network orders.

Choose which client information is shown to the AMC

We know lenders have their own workflow and we strive to give you flexibility. Lenders can now choose what client information is shared with your AMCs. You can still share the order originator with the AMC when that originator comes from a branch office. Or, you can choose to display only your lender information - helping keep you in compliance. Contact your sales representative to set this up for your account.

A new product

You'll see that we added a new product, as requested: Condo 1073 with REO addendum.

Coming soon: Review vendor W-9 information

We’ve heard that you would like to review appraiser W-9 information as part of your vetting process. Soon, we’ll add an easy interface for vendors to provide this information. Plus, you’ll be able to review their W-9 through the Review documents feature.

As always, these improvements were based on your feedback, so keep it coming to