New features coming: Review vendor documents, plus search vendors by appraiser and license type

Coming soon, you'll have tools to review your vendors' profile documents, then accept or request updated documents and even leave comments so the vendor knows what they need to update. The Fee Panel Builder also gets an update to let you search appraisers by the type of license(s) in their profile. See highlights below, or read the release notes.

Review vendor credential documents

After turning on the new document review tool in your fee panel, you'll be able to accept or request updated documents in your vendors' profiles. As you review each document, your vendor will be notified whether you accept or request updated documents, and you'll have the opportunity to leave comments when requesting an updated document so the vendor will know what you require in order to accept it. Naturally, any comments will be saved to the Notes tab in the vendor's profile so you can see them later.

In addition to the new review tools, you'll have the option to use your vendor selection settings to prefer or require approved documents before assigning an order. This way you can use automatic assignment without worrying that you'll assign orders to a vendor with questionable profile documents.

Build your fee panel using license types

You told us it would be useful to add appraisers based on the type of license(s) in their profile when building your fee panel. So, that's exactly what we've done. And since we’ve also separated residential and commercial appraiser types, we’ve added those options too. Using the Fee Panel Builder, you can search for different types of appraisers and also select the license types you need along with the other criteria you already use. It's another great way to get your fee panel dialed in to perfection.

If you like seeing new features first, you should check out our beta program. You'll get to use new features before they're released, tell us what you think, then see the new tools you helped us create when they're released. Apply here!