New UCDP results sharing, expanded client options, and more

Now you can share your UCDP results with an Aggregator within Mercury Network, and your clients have new options to change payment method on an order. Read about these and more below, or see the details in the release notes.

Share UCDP results


You can now share UCDP submission results with an Aggregator automatically or on a per-order basis. You'll need the Aggregator ID for the person with whom you'll share the results. The Aggregator ID comes from Fannie/Freddie's UCDP Appraisal Sharing there's a guide for appraisal sharing here. For even more flexibility, you can set your client groups to share results independently.

VMP XSites: Clients can change payment methods

For a long time, clients have been able to change the payment method on orders assigned to an AMC. Now that flexibility has been extended to orders assigned to appraisers. It works the same way — by clicking the link next to Payment Type in Order Details. Plus, there's a new permission you can use to control which client group members can change payment methods.  



More flexible handling for IP restrictions


If you're restricting account access based on IP address ranges, you might have run into a snag with users logging in from multiple locations or if you needed an alternate range of addresses. Now we can help you set up multiple IP ranges to accommodate those situations, so let your account manager know or give Client Relations a call.

These improvements were built based on what you told us you needed, so don't stop! Let us know your ideas for new tools or features at