New option for client notifications, improved security in our latest update

With this update, VMP XSite users have a new way to control client notifications. We’ve also made several improvements to security, and added a new dedicated support phone number for questions about your Mercury Network invoice for transaction fees. Read on for highlights, and see the details in the release notes.


New option for VMP XSite client notifications

additional notification recipients composed.png

In your VMP XSite’s Automatic Order Settings, you’ll see a new option which allows you to control the notifications sent to additional recipients entered by your client. By default, notifications will behave the same way they always have; each notification will be sent to to all of the additional recipients entered on your client’s order form. If you select Additional recipients receive the same notifications as the client placing the order, the additional recipients will receive the same notifications the client receives. To make this setting even more flexible, you can configure these notifications on a client-group basis, allowing you to change your messaging to accommodate a variety of workflows based on your clients’ needs.

Improved security measures for all Mercury Network users

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been making security better for the platform with most every recent update, and this one is no exception. First off, for users creating a new Mercury Network account, we’ve added a CAPTCHA to help weed out “bots”. This is a simple, industry-standard way of preventing unauthorized use of the platform.

Next up, we’ve started verifying that passwords changed via the XSite don’t match any of the previous five passwords. This is a continuation of the policy we’re instituting throughout Mercury Network to eliminate the use of compromised passwords to access any account.

change password.png

There are a couple of other changes regarding passwords: In order to change your own password in Users, you’ll need to enter your current password first. You’ve probably seen this in other services because it’s a commonly implemented security measure. If you don’t remember your current password, you can simply click Forgot password on the login page to receive an email which will let you set a new password.

sub user passwords.png

For admin users, we’ve updated the way you manage passwords for sub users. Instead of being able to create a password for the sub user, you’ll click Lock or Expire today. By locking the account, it requires the user to contact the admin before they log in. If you expire the password, the user will need to set a new password to access their account. Again, this is a very common method of preventing disclosure of passwords between users (which is never a great idea).

Finally, there are a couple of changes you might not even notice. When logging into Mercury Network, if you enter an incorrect username or password, the error message will no longer specify which one was entered incorrectly. This prevents a potential attacker from verifying if they’ve entered either of those items correctly, which foils their plans. In addition, we’ll no longer disclose the IP addresses for Mercury Network’s internal servers, which could aid a potential attacker. Instead, only public IP addresses will be shown, which is far more secure.


New dedicated support number for invoice questions

If you ever have a question about an invoice you’ve received for Mercury Network transaction fees, or fees for services such as RealView, RealEC, Xcelerator, etc., there’s a new number for dedicated support: dial 1-866-789-4048. To clarify, if you have questions about using Mercury Network or if your credit card has been declined, you can still reach out to our Client Relations team at 1-800-900-4954 to receive the excellent support you’ve come to expect.