Lenders and AMCs: An easy way to verify cost data

We have news from a la mode that appraisers can now have a verification site address added to their reports that will allow their lenders and AMCs to verify the cost data used in Marshall & Swift's SwiftEstimator.

When the appraiser uses TOTAL and SwiftEstimator, a new integration gives you direct access to verify the cost data through a website listed on the Data Entry report in the appraisal report addendum.

Use the verification site with the unique identifier of the report, and you'll have access to the same cost data from SwiftEstimator that the appraiser used in the report.  The integration can save you (and your appraisers) a lot of time since you won't have to send questions and wait for responses from your appraiser. In addition, Marshall & Swift has provided the integration because they are sensitive to the increased regulation and risks you are experiencing and want to help with your compliance needs. Marshall & Swift's cost approach methodologies have been trusted for over 80 years.

There's a post with more information on a la mode's appraiser blog here.