Now you can add your supervisor and trainee documents, plus show trainees on orders

This update builds on the trainee features added in the previous release, helping supervisor appraisers provide transparency and supporting documents for their clients.


Add trainees to orders


If you have a trainee working on an order which was assigned to you as a supervisor, you can now show this by adding them to the order. This way, your clients can see the trainee's name  in the order details, rather than calling you.


Supervisor and trainee documents

For any trainee in your profile, you'll be able to add a document such as a certificate or license, which will be available for your clients to review. Similarly, you can add a Supervisor document to your profile—something your clients may require if you're supervising trainees. These documents will be available to your clients when they view your profile or use their Review documents feature.


EULA is being updated

We're adding the new payment methods recently made available in the End User License Agreement. It's a small but substantive change noting the ability to add ACH and pay using your bank account. See the detailed changes here, and if you haven't set up your bank account yet, click here for a walkthrough.


Your clients are interested in knowing that you're a supervisor and getting trainee information, so these features are intended to help you meet client requirements with as little fuss as possible. We'd love to hear what you think of these tools, so let us know at