Additional performance gains in our latest update

With this release, you’ll find more improvements to the speed and efficiency of the platform, as well as resolutions to issues you may have experienced when creating, assigning, and managing orders. Read on for a few highlights and check the release notes for complete details.

Vendor profiles load faster

You’ll now find that vendor profiles load more quickly and navigating between tabs within each profile is also faster. This is thanks to a better approach when loading individual elements (called “lazy loading” for those interested) plus more efficient images to decrease bandwidth requirements when loading profile data.

Work faster in Orders, Order Details, and when placing new orders

We’ve implemented refinements to reduce delays when managing orders, viewing Order Details, and when creating new orders. This was accomplished by “refactoring” the functions used to load data for each of those pages. That’s the technical way of saying you can now work faster in each of these areas in Mercury.

Completed folder loads more quickly

If you have configured the CU Score column to display in your Completed folder, you’ll now see orders in that folder load more quickly. As with several other improvements in this update, this was achieved by optimizing the method used to gather information from the database.

Smoother order assignment

When assigning orders, you’ll find the process progresses smoothly without unnecessary delays because we streamlined the process of excluding past-due vendors.