Latest update improves Xcelerator, vendor selection, Encompass® integration

The latest release brings improvements throughout Mercury Network as well as our integration with Ellie Mae's® Encompass. You can find a complete list of changes in the release notes, and read on for a few notes about what you'll see.

Improvements for Xcelerator


When Xcelerator is enabled, there are a few key details (such as the appointment contact) which are required when ordering a new appraisal. So, now you'll see a red asterisk by those fields on the order form, just to remind you to complete them rather than clicking Next and seeing the popup saying you missed something.

Also for Xcelerator, on the messages sent to the property contact, your company name will be shown in the upper-left as well as the signature.

Previously, it simply said Mercury Network, so the new information is more relevant and helpful for the recipient. 


Improved My Columns feature

If you have users with permissions letting them manage orders in specific folders, they'll now see the Vendor information columns when configuring settings in the My Columns tool. 

We heard feedback from you that this information doesn't need to be hidden, so this should suit your workflow better.

Encompass and Mercury now exchange a lot more information


If you're using Mercury's integration with Encompass, there are now 41 additional "data points" shared between the two. For example, the Appraisal Effective Date and Gross Living Area will now synchronize directly from the appraisal to your Encompass loan file. This should significantly reduce errors caused by re-keying information, not to mention all the time you'll save. You'll also notice the dialog where you choose which fields to sync has been updated to accommodate the newly available items.

Click here to see a complete list of the data shared between Encompass and Mercury.


These features (and more) were developed based on your feedback, so we'd like to know what you think!  Let us know at