Now available: Hide lender names from residential bids until awarded

With this release, you can now hide the lender’s information from vendors who are bidding on orders until the bid has been awarded. There’s also a new filter in Order Management for VMP XSites, as well as general workflow improvements. See the highlights below, and check the release notes for full details.

Hide lender information until bid is awarded


For bid orders, you can now use Vendor Selection Settings to hide the lender’s information from bidding vendors until the bid has been awarded. This should help streamline the bid information by removing impertinent details and allows VMP XSite users to accommodate clients’ privacy requests.

To enable this feature, click Preferences, Vendor Selection Settings, then in the Residential appraisal selection section, check Hide lender details from the vendor until a bid is awarded. Be sure to click Save, so this setting will apply to all residential bid orders going forward. Click here and we’ll walk you through it in less than a minute.

This feature is also available for commercial bid orders, and can similarly be enabled on the Commercial appraisers tab within Vendor Selection Settings.


New filter in Order Management for VMP XSite users

client group filter.png

Based on your feedback, there’s now an easy way to filter your orders based on client group in Order Management. On the toolbar, you’ll see a new Client group drop-down menu. Simply select your intended client group there to view all that group’s orders in your current view. For even further flexibility, you can use the status folders on the left to view orders of a specific status within that client group.


AppraisalNsight product removed

MasterServ has discontinued the AppraisalNsight quality-control product, so in response, we’ve removed references to that product within Mercury Network. The most notable location you might notice this change is in your Appraisal Quality Management settings. This means that orders for the product cannot be placed going forward, however, results from previous orders will remain available.