Vendors: Fee panel insights, auto-accept orders, and more available today

Last week, we told you about new features that are on the way, and today, they've arrived!  

With this update, you'll see a new profile alert and an easier-to-navigate profile section. Plus, you'll be able to see whose Fee Panel you're on, and for each of those Fee Panels you'll be able to view your stats and auto-accept orders.  The highlights are below, and you can see the release notes here.

My Panels: Tools and insights for your Fee Panel memberships

We've created a new tab in your Profile/Users section called My Panels which lists each client who has added you to their Fee Panel. It's an easy way to see a list of clients who are ready to send you orders, but there's more...


Fee Panel statistics

When you're on a client's Fee Panel, they can see statistics describing your work with them such as acceptance rate, rework rate, on-time rate, and more.  In the new My Panels section, each client with available stats will have a link which shows your statistics in that client's Fee Panel. In the Statistics window, you'll be able to view all your available stats and export them to a PDF or spreadsheet.


Auto-accept orders

Each client listed in My Panels now has an Auto-Accept checkbox on the right. When checked, any new orders you receive from this client will immediately be accepted. We hope this makes it easy to deliver red-carpet service to your VIP clients.


Changes to Users and Profile

We made some changes to the Users and Profile areas to make them easier to use. Several items have been consolidated into the Professional tab, and in the Details tab, you'll see separate fields for your billing and physical addresses. With these changes, you can see more information at a glance so you can easily keep your profile up-to-date.


Profile status message

To help avoid delays or missed orders, we added a new profile status alert. It's a simple message on your toolbar which lets you know if something in your profile could keep you from receiving orders. If something is wrong, you can click the message to visit your profile and make changes to ensure new orders keep rolling in.

These features and improvements were developed based on your feedback, so keep them coming to