An improved RealView audit trail is here: You asked, we listened.

This update gives RealView users a way to more easily add appraiser-facing comments to help clarify revision requests, as well as internal comments which won’t be shown to the appraiser. This way, you can expand your internal commentary to help keep a complete audit trail of the appraisal review. We’ve also reformatted the revision-request email which appraisers receive so they can more easily see exactly what is required in the revised report. These changes are captured in the release notes but are explained in more detail below.


Easily add internal and/or appraiser-facing comments in each RealView section

We heard from you that you’d like an easier way to include detailed comments about your internal appraisal review, as well as appraiser-facing comments—with a goal of providing a clearer, more expansive audit trail.


So now, in each section of RealView, you’ll see an Add new comment text field with a check box beneath it labeled Make visible to appraiser. These fields serve a dual purpose: By leaving the box unchecked, the comments you enter will only be visible internally, so they’re appropriate for your own commentary and audit purposes. On the other hand, when you check Make visible to appraiser, the comments you enter are intended to address the appraiser directly. They’ll be included in the revision-request email sent to the appraiser, and of course, they’ll be saved in the order’s history. In addition, you’ll see both internal and appraiser-facing comments in the PDF when you click Save to PDF.


Revision requests to appraisers are now easier to read

While an email-formatting change might not seem important, we hope it has the considerable effect of reducing back-and-forth communication with the appraiser regarding revision requests. Each individual revision will be requested in a single, clearly numbered list. The appraiser can focus on each item in this list, efficiently addressing every change before they deliver the report back to you.