New schedule for past due notifications, a new product, and more

With this update, we'll send Past due notifications sooner. There's also a new product available to order, and due dates for commercial bid orders will be calculated using business days. The details are in the release notes, and the highlights are below.

Past due order.png

New Past due notification schedule

Until now, we've waited 48 hours after the due date to send the first Past due notification to the vendor. We've heard from some of you that you'd like to move these orders along more quickly. So going forward, the notification will be sent at 8 AM the morning after the due date. Subsequent notifications will be sent in 48-hour increments.

New FHA Comparable Rent Schedule (1007)

Now you can order the Schedule 1007 as an FHA product on its own. Before, it was necessary to place a multi-form order if you needed the FHA 1007, so this should help you (and your clients, if using VMP) be more efficient by ordering exactly the product you need.

Updated commercial bid order due dates

Some of you let us know that you and your commercial appraisers expect due dates to be calculated using business days. We did some research and found that the industry is commonly using business days to calculate due dates, so we're adapting: Due dates for orders placed before July 25, 2017 will be calculated using calendar days, and orders placed on or after the 25th will use business days.

For example: If you award a bid on July 25th to a vendor who submitted a 7-day turn time, the report due date will be August 3, 2017. Before this update, the same order would have had a due date of August 1, 2017.

You might have noticed a pattern in these updates - they happened because we heard from you. So, please don't stop sending your great ideas to!