Next update: Notifications to help you stay current

Our upcoming update will add new notifications to help you keep your profile up-to-date, plus easier ways to log into Mercury Network.  The highlights are below, and you can see the release notes here.

New notifications to help avoid delays

We heard from some of you who stopped receiving new appraisal orders, only to find that it was a simple matter of needing to update E&O expiration dates or credit card info. So, we'll soon begin sending an email notification when an expiration date is approaching, with a simple reminder to update the info, plus links to instructions in case you forgot how since last year.

The email will come from, so be sure to whitelist that address to avoid your spam filter. This should help make sure you stay eligible for every new order possible!

Easier login

Mercury Network vendors and their clients use two different (though very similar) URLs to log into Mercury, and the two pages look a lot alike. Right now, if you accidentally try to log in at the wrong URL, you'll get an "invalid login" message. Soon, Mercury will understand what you meant based on your username and password, then seamlessly bump you over to the right page. You definitely have more important stuff to do than pay attention to web addresses.

Quickly see the transaction fee

To make it easier to see what the transaction fee will be before accepting any order, we simply added it to the order details page.  Now, you can find it at a glance along with other important order info.

These new features and improvements were developed based on your feedback, so as always, keep it coming to