Changes coming to appraisers on Mercury Network

We've just released three new features for appraisers in Mercury Network.  Here are the highlights, and click here to see the full release notes.

  1. Two new products added:  Mercury Network customers will now be able to place orders for two additional products, the “Exterior Only Multi-Family Appraisal” and the “Mobile Home Appraisal”.  If you cover those products, log in to your profile and update your products menu and fees so you’re eligible to receive these orders.  Click here for instructions.
  2. E&O updates automatically:  With this update, when you upload a new E&O policy, the Profile Status bar will now automatically update to show your valid E&O coverage.
  3. Chrome errors eliminated:  Sometimes, when appraisers were uploading documents in Chrome, they would get an error. That has been corrected now, so you should have smooth document uploading in Chrome.

To see the full release notes for the update, click here.  If you have any questions, call the Mercury Network support line dedicated to appraisers at 1-800-900-4954.