New feature: Avoid all the payment questions

We recently released a highly-requested feature to save you valuable time.  The admin user on your account can now set permissions so you can mark orders as "paid" at the same time you cut the check, either individually or via a batch upload, and share the details with your appraisers automatically.  Click here for the full release notes.  

Note:  To see this new feature, your Admin user must enable it in user permissions. Click here to see how.

Mark orders as "paid" and share the details

Select several orders at once or one order at a time, and you can even batch upload from a .csv file.  You can choose to share your payment information, so your appraiser can see it too. 

If you choose to share the payment with your vendors, they'll see the details in their order histories.

In Order Management, you'll see a new "Payments" button to select multiple orders. 

To mark an individual order as paid, just open it and you'll see the new "Mark as Paid" button in your toolbar so you can enter your payment details.

We've also added it to your search panel, so you can search by paid or unpaid orders for faster processing.

As always, these new features are a direct result of feedback from our customers.  Please keep your ideas coming to