Latest release: New notification options, better Fee Panel performance, and more

In the latest Mercury Network release, we added a new notification setting for VMP clients, fixed some issues you might have seen when viewing and searching your Fee Panel, and made general system improvements aimed at making your valuation workflow more efficient. See the details in the release notes, and read about the highlights below.

New VMP client notification setting

In order to make communication about an order easier, you can now enable all Additional Recipients added by your VMP client to receive select status notifications via a CC email. Since they’ll be copied on the message along with other recipients, they can “reply all” to communicate about the order without directly accessing the Mercury Network order. Note that “reply all“ messages will not be preserved in the audit trail, and this only applies to Additional Recipients added by your client on the VMP order.

To enable this setting, contact your Account Manager or Client Relations at 1-800-900-4954. Once it’s been turned on for your account, Additional Recipients will be CC’d on the following status notifications:

  • Message

  • Message - Action Required

  • Vendor Accepted Assignment (after a counter offer).

  • Conditionally Declined

  • Modification Requested

  • On Hold

Fee Panel improvements

The first of the changes to the Fee Panel went into effect last week, and you probably saw the in-product notification on Thursday, April 4. The change was made to make your Fee Panel easier to work with when you have more than 250 members. The difference is simple: When you first enter your Fee Panel, you’ll immediately see Fee Panel members in the first state in your State column, instead of displaying All members, which avoids long page-load times or possible errors.

Second, we fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in an error when searching your Fee Panel by State. Your feedback helped us identify these opportunities to improve, so we thank you!

There’s more to this update, so if you’re curious about the behind-the-scenes work we’ve done to keep the platform secure and efficient, please see the release notes. As always, we’d love to hear what you think, so let us know at