New features: Role control

We've just released several updates for Mercury Network.  Here's a list of the biggest changes, and click here to see the full release notes. 

  1. Streamline your operations with new Order Management permissions.  Your admin user (managing user) can now control which statuses their staff can apply to orders so mistakes and delays are avoided.  Also, the new settings control which orders each user has access to, based on the product ordered, as well as what orders they can access based on the folder in which they're currently working.
  2. Override Automatic Assignment and Double-blind mode on a per order basis.  If you have rights to change the Selection Settings for each order, you will also be able to configure automatic assignment and double-blind settings on a per-order basis, as well.
  3. New permission to access orders on your public-facing VMP XSite.  If you have a VMP XSite, our public-facing appraisal ordering portal, access to the VMP XSite will be granted on a per-user basis.  This includes logging into the VMP XSite, as well as the ability to sync status changes to the VMP XSite order.
  4. New Search options.  When searching for orders, you will be able to use the VMP Order number if you have a VMP XSite.


To see the full release notes for the update, click here.  If you have any questions, call your client relations team at 1-888-794-0455.