This update expands automation based on CU score and improves bid notifications

In our latest update, we added features and improvements you suggested and performed general maintenance in the platform. You can see the details in the release notes, and read on for the highlights.


Better control based on Collateral Underwriter (CU) score

Some of you requested more detailed control over automated actions based on an appraisal's CU score. To address this, we added a field where you can now enter any number from 0 - 5 to the tenth place. For example, you can automatically send any report with a CU score of 3.9 to RealView for a quality check (that's in Preferences -> Appraisal Quality Management Settings.) 

The expanded controls also apply to the Action Required folder so appraisals can be automatically moved there based on the report's CU score.

We hope this helps you tune your automation to more perfectly suit your workflow in Mercury Network.


Improved Bid Awarded notifications

Some of you brought to our attention the fact that notifications weren't being sent when bids were awarded by anyone other than the admin user. This has been resolved so those notifications will be sent no matter who awarded the bid to the vendor.

As always, these improvements are largely based on your input, so keep your ideas coming to and we'll continue improving the platform so you stay efficient and profitable.