First update of 2019: Better visibility for order status, improved search, and more

Happy New Year! In this year’s first release, we’ve made order statuses easier to see at a glance, improved searching by vendor name, and fixed some issues we uncovered as a result of previous updates. Read on for the highlights, and see the release notes for complete details.

Quickly see bid responses

We’re always looking for ways to show more order information at a glance. With that goal in mind, you can now easily see how many bid responses you’ve received for an order in the Status column in Orders, as well as in Order Details. We hope this makes managing your bid workflow faster and easier.

CU Score now easily visible for AMC-submitted orders

For VMP XSite users assigning orders to an AMC, this change should improve your appraisal quality review process: When an AMC submits an order to the UCDP on behalf of a lender, the CU Score returned from the portal will be shown in the CU Score column in Orders. This information has always been available in Order Details, but by adding it to the column, you can use it to quickly sort and filter orders which were submitted to the portal by your AMC.

Better vendor searches during assignment

During order assignment, you can now successfully search for vendors based on their first name. This field has been available for a long time, but the results were not filtering properly, and this has been resolved.

Resolved an issue with permissions

In cases when an order has a cancelled revision request, some users without permissions to the QC folder were able to view the order, even though the status had reverted to In QC. This has been corrected so the permissions are properly applied, and no unauthorized users can view orders in this scenario.