Faster vendor selection, other improvements available now

With our latest release, we've increased speed and reliability in both Mercury Network and VMP XSites, plus we retired a feature which became obsolete. Read on for more info, and see the release notes here.

Mercury Faster Update.jpg

Faster vendor selection

Recently, we found a delay which occurred when loading vendor lists during manual or automatic vendor assignment. After a few changes, we've eliminated the delay so vendor selection is always as fast as possible.

Better information when adding vendors to bid requests

When adding vendors to receive an existing commercial bid request, the transaction fee wasn't displaying properly on the confirmation screen. This has been resolved so the fee information you see there is reliable.

Improved VMP XSite credit card status syncing

There were a few cases where a credit card's charge status was not syncing to your client properly, and this has been resolved.

Obsolete feature retired


The UCDP recently changed the message they send back with a "duplicate submission" error so that it no longer includes the Doc File ID originally submitted with the loan number. If you've seen this message before in Mercury, you might remember that you could click the Doc File ID in the audit trail to easily add it to the order. Now, because the Doc File ID is no longer in the message, this isn't possible. Instead, edit the order to add the correct Doc File ID, then manually resubmit the report to the UCDP.

We hope these improvements make your experience in Mercury more efficient and enjoyable. As always, let us know what you think at