Today's update: Lots of improvements based on your feedback

In this update, we’ve made improvements all over Mercury based on what we’ve heard from you. There are so many items it's hard to pick which to show here, but we chose a few of them, and you can read about the rest in the release notes.

 Use QuickLists when ordering the RealCondition Report

You can now use QuickLists in the Notes field in the Property access section when ordering the RealCondition Report. It makes adding instructions to the vendor a lot faster because you can insert frequently-used words and phrases.

Fixed a notification issue

In cases where a commercial bidding order was awarded to an appraiser but then canceled before they accepted it, they weren't receiving a cancellation notification. So, we fixed that.

VMP XSites - Better document delivery

When an order in the In QC folder is marked Complete, the documents will now all be delivered in one notification. Previously, individual documents were attached to separate messages, so this change will eliminate unnecessary inbox clutter.

VMP XSites - Better routing for borrower payments

Based on your input, when an account is set up for the borrower to pay for their appraisal using the Make a payment page, you now have more options for the way those funds are routed. The new option allows borrower funds to be deposited into the lender’s merchant account for orders assigned to appraisers, and to an AMC’s merchant account for orders assigned to an AMC.  This makes the automation of payments more context-sensitive based on the type of vendor.

To use this feature, both the lender and the AMC will need active  merchant accounts. When you're ready, contact your account manager or our sales department at 1-800-434-7260.

Do you like to see the latest features before anyone else? If so, check out our beta program. This group participates in the beta period of forthcoming updates and provides valuable feedback we use to make our products better. If that's something you're into, sign up here.