Latest update gives you more info when reviewing bids, and more

We've just added more information to the Review bids module, as well as more fields to your client portal. The highlights are below, and the release notes are here.

See estimated due dates in the Review bids module

Now you'll be able to see the estimated due date for any bid in the Review bids module's new Est. due column. Once an appraiser has submitted their bid, we'll calculate the due date based on the turn time they entered. Of course, until you award the bid, the due date is only an estimate because the actual due date is based on the date/time you award the bid. With that in mind, you might see this date change because we’ll recalculate it until the bid is awarded.


Expanded order information fields in your client portal

client order form.png

You may remember that we recently added more order information fields, and now we're expanding those to your client portal. The new fields are Inspection typeValue ConditionsValue MethodTypes of Value and Market Analysis. This should help make sure you're getting the most complete and accurate information on every order you receive.

These changes are based on feedback we heard from you so we hope you find them really useful and keep the ideas coming to We appreciate your input and as always, your continued business!