Available now: New vendor assignment controls, notifications, and more

This update includes new ways to control which vendors can be assigned to an order, new notifications for your vendors and borrowers, plus other requested improvements. The highlights are below, and you can read the release notes here

New vendor assignment controls

We've heard from many of you who want a more specific way to control which appraisers would be considered for specific clients or orders. So, with this update you can create vendor lists and mark them eligible or ineligible to receive orders for a particular client or order. Now you have control over who can (or can't) be selected for an order.

For example: Let’s say your client has a list of vendors they need to exclude from receiving orders.  Simply place these vendors into a new order group from your fee panel called ‘Client Excluded’.  Then, for the client’s ‘Client Group’ visit the new Order Groups tab and add the Client Excluded group to the Ineligible vendors list. When an order arrives from your client, vendors in this group will not be considered for the order until they are removed from the group. This new feature is a super-flexible filter that determines which vendors are (or aren’t) considered for an order.

New notifications to avoid delays

There have been several occasions when appraisers stopped receiving new appraisal orders simply because they forgot to update their E&O or credit card info in their Mercury profile. So, with this update, we're notifying appraisers via email when they are 30 days away from an expiration date, then again 7 days out. In addition, if you're using Mercury to automatically send the Make a Payment link to the borrower, they'll receive a reminder if the payment has not been received within 24 hours, then again in another 24 hours. Similarly, if a borrower has not viewed a document you sent to them via SureReceipts within 24 hours, they'll get an email reminder. All of these notifications should help keep orders flowing correctly and expedite payments. Plus, these are automatic notifications - you don't need to do a thing to benefit from them.

Other notable additions

Here are a few other enhancements in this update:

  • EVF (Enterprise Vendor Framework) customers can now accept credit card payments via vendors.MercuryVMP.com.
  • Vendors attempting to log into secure.MercuryVMP.com will automatically be redirected based on their username and password, eliminating time-consuming login issues.
  • Lenders with multiple FHA Lender IDs can be set up to submit to FHA's EAD portal.

These features and enhancements were largely based on feedback we heard from you, and we appreciate it!  Let us know what you think of these improvements, plus any new ideas you have at info@MercuryVMP.com.