Improvements on the way for vendors

We'll soon release enhancements for your vendor profile that give you better control of your fees and the type of assignments you receive.  The highlights are below, and the release notes are here.

Commercial-only appraisers

If you only intend to accept commercial orders, you can now set your profile so those are the only assignments you'll receive. It's easy to do: You'll go to the Professional tab in your user profile. Then, place a check next to Commercial Appraisal and leave the others unchecked.

Remove product fees

Right now, if you go to your Products tab in your profile and delete the fee for any product, the previous fee returns instead of leaving the fee blank. This is a problem if you really intended to leave the fee blank for that product, so we changed how it works. Now, you can "blank out" the fee for any product in the list.

We regularly use your feedback when developing improvements, so keep it coming! Let us know what you think here.