New order-search option and additional products in our latest update

This release introduces a new option for searching your orders, and there are new commercial products available in the platform. See the release notes for details, and read on to learn more about the biggest changes.

Search Client Group.png

Search orders by Client Group

Based on your input, VMP XSite users can now find orders using Client Group as a criterion. To use this feature, first enable the field in Search Options. Once you do, you can quickly search for all orders within a specific client group, or further refine your search using the Placed and Orders fields as you normally would.


New Environmental Site Assessment products

ESA phases.png

AMCs and lenders can now order and manage Environmental Site Assessments alongside the rest of their commercial valuation and due-diligence workflow. These are available in phases I, II, and III to fit your needs based on risk or complexity. To get started, go to Settings - Product Requirements and enable these three new products so they can be ordered within your account.

esa vendor enable.png

Of course, vendors can get on board right away by enabling the new products in their profile within Products under the Commercial tab, where they can also set fees and add notes as with any other product.

Whether you already work with Environmental Site Assessments or plan to expand into this area, we hope this helps streamline your commercial workflow by making more options available within a single, reliable platform.