Broad improvements in Mercury based on your input: Latest update

From the Fee Panel to bid orders, this release affects a broad set of tools in Mercury Network to improve accuracy and efficiency for your workflow. See each detail in the release notes, and read on for the highlights.

Better bidding behavior


When placing a bid order, you can lock your fee and/or due dates on the initial order page, then elect to change those settings on the confirmation page. But, the changes on the confirmation page were not being kept in the actual order. This is fixed, so going forward, your final changes will be included in the bid request that’s sent to the bidding vendors.

Client name no longer included on RealCondition Reports

In cases when a vendor sends a message about a RealCondition Report, an event is recorded in the audit trail called Message from Vendor. Previously, these events also included the name of the client who placed the order. To keep the audit trail accurate and succinct, the client’s name will no longer be shown.

Include co-borrowers on SureReceipts deliveries based on Client Group settings

When setting up a Client Group, there’s a box you can check to include co-borrower when present for SureReceipts, meaning any co-borrower on an order in that Client Group will automatically receive the secure delivery of the final report. Before, this box was grayed out so the option couldn’t be selected, but this has been resolved so this handy feature can be used as intended.

Improved consistency for Xcelerator inspection times

When viewing inspection times for orders being scheduled via Xcelerator, the property’s time zone will now be used (and noted in the audit trail) to avoid confusion or inconsistency between the audit trail and any notifications.

Fee Panel improvements

You helped us identify a few places in the Fee Panel where things just weren’t working right. Usually, when this is the case, it’s a result of changes made in a recent update which had unintended consequences, and we always appreciate your help in finding these. Here are a few examples which were corrected with this update:

  • When you click Contact vendor, you’ll now see the vendor’s correct email address. Previously, special characters were being included in the address, making it unusable.

  • In the Review documents tab, when you click the vendor’s Profile Icon, their profile will pop up. This wasn’t working before.

  • The Contact vendor button now works when you’re viewing Ineligible vendors. Before, clicking that button did nothing.

  • When viewing an AMC/Firm vendor’s profile, the Right Arrow Icon will take you to the next vendor’s profile. Previously, this was incorrectly skipping profiles.

Also in the Fee Panel, if you have multiple pages of fee panel members, there were instances when the page would refresh after saving changes to a vendor’s profile. This means that you would return to page 1, so if you were working through fee panel members at page 4, this was annoying. Now, you’ll stay on the page where you were working, saving clicks (and possibly a few choice words).

Ongoing security enhancements

As we continue our initiative to maintain the highest security for data in the platform, we made changes based on requirements from our third-party security-review provider. In this case, we implemented SSL and response headers on the landing page visitors see when they try to view an expired XSite.