Fannie Mae will soon add a new UCDP rule

Starting October 14th, 2016, Fannie Mae is adding a new proprietary message in the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP). The rule will apply to all appraisal forms currently accepted by the UCDP.

The rule is meant to avoid issues with loan delivery by letting you know if another loan containing an appraisal with the same Document File ID (Doc File ID) has already been delivered to Fannie Mae. The new rule's message reads:

A loan with an appraisal with this Document File ID has already been delivered to Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae may not accept this appraisal on a new loan at Loan Delivery.

The rule will be a "hard stop", meaning that if you encounter this error, you'll need to verify the loan information is correct, or provide a corrected Doc File ID. If the loan data is correct, you'll just request a manual override and provide a reason code, after which the submission status will change from "Not Successful" to "Successful."

For Mercury Network users, it's business as usual - this rule will be handled just like all the other Fannie Mae rules.  So if you end up with this error on your Submission Status Report (SSR) you'll be able to request revisions or overrides the same way you do with any other hard stop errors. Just be aware it's a new possibility.