Available now: RealView Bridge helps reduce appraisal revisions

In this update, we put the final touches on RealView Bridge, an exciting new product built into RealView that allows you to extend your rules to the appraiser when they deliver the appraisal product.

enable realview bridge.png

There are complete details here, but in short, RealView Bridge starts your QC process before the appraiser delivers the report. Because it works with our popular QC tool RealView, RealView Bridge performs an analysis based on the rules you already use during your QC review. The appraiser is alerted to possible issues during delivery so they have the opportunity to make changes or offer explanations before your QC staff sees the report.

As always, we developed RealView Bridge to address the workflow issues we've heard from you, and we'd love to know what you think! Let us know at info@mercuryvmp.com.