Platform security, borrower experience in focus for our latest update

Our latest release introduces security enhancements in the form of strong password requirements for additional users. Plus, the Make a Payment page now supports a cleaner, more white-labeled appearance so your borrowers feel comfortable using it to make payments. You can read full details in the release notes, with highlights about major changes below.

Strong password requirements for improved security

For VMP XSite users, when you create a new lender or client contact, they’ll now be required to use a strong password to log into their account. As you probably remember, we’ve been implementing strong password requirements in phases across the platform, and this continues that initiative. For now, existing contacts won’t be required to change their passwords, but that is coming a little later this year. Learn more about strong passwords here.

A better white-labeled Make a Payment page

martian blog image.png

Previously, when a borrower visited your Make a Payment page, they would see your branding on the page as intended, with additional text at the bottom which read “Powered by Mercury Network”. For some borrowers, this detail caused concern about the security of the page and resulted in reluctance to submit a payment, which undermined the intent of using your logo to white label this page. To eliminate this problem, we’ve completely removed that logo and text. Now, the only branding the borrower will see on the Make a Payment page is yours, so they can confidently submit their payment knowing it’s going to the right place.