Just released: Your FHA EAD Portal integration

Mercury's direct integration with FHA's EAD portal is now live.  Click here for the full release notes.

To get started with the portal, you'll need to register for one of FHA's EAD onboarding phases. Click here for instructions. During onboarding, there are a few steps you'll need to take.  Here are links to help you with all of it:

When you're ready to start submitting appraisals to the portal, you'll find a familiar interface that makes it easy to view submission results, request revisions from vendors, and request overrides from the EAD portal, all in one clear workflow.

Easy results  Flagged issues are displayed clearly in a tabbed interface so staff can quickly see issue severity and their options.

Save valuable time since revisions are handled quickly and easily  Mercury's direct integration includes a built-in revision request cycle with your vendors, and everything's recorded in your audit trail.

Simply mark the issues needing revision, and a message is automatically fired to the vendor with clear instructions.


Easy error overrides  Processors can easily override errors and include reasons for clarity in the audit trail.

Choose a pre-populated explanation or enter your own comments.

If you have any questions, click "Contact Support" or "Chat Now" inside Mercury Network and we can help right away.

As always, this update was a direct result of your feedback.  Please keep it coming at info@MercuryVMP.com