Our latest update: Property characteristics, vendor agreements, and RealEC EAD submission

With this update, our VMP XSite customers can now add customized checkboxes to their order forms to gather up-front details for new appraisal orders. Also, you can now automatically provide an agreement to vendors for acknowledgement before beginning their next assignment for you. Finally, if you're receiving orders via the RealEC integration, you can submit completed Mercury Network appraisals to FHA's EAD portal directly within RealEC. The highlights of these features are below, and here are the release notes.

Get the info you need for every order

The Property Characteristics checkboxes can be customized and added to your VMP XSite order form. You can even require them so you're sure to get this info when the order is placed. This will make it easier to spot details about the order which might affect the complexity and the appraisal fee.

Up to 8 of these checkboxes can be shown on the order form, and you can easily add them in your VMP XSite preferences. 

On the order form, your client will simply place a check next to each item that applies. When the order is submitted, you'll see the items they checked in the Characteristics section of the Order Details.

There are plenty of ways to use this feature to help you spot issues that affect appraisal fee estimations for TRID compliance.

Automatically provide an agreement to vendors

This new feature enables you to upload the PDF of an agreement you'd like vendors to acknowledge before beginning their next assignment for you. It's simple to turn on with the new "Options" feature of your Fee Panel, and it will help you keep your vendors on the same page since all vendors will automatically see the same agreement.


Submit appraisals from RealEC to FHA's EAD portal
For Mercury Network users who receive client orders via the RealEC integration, Mercury Network can now submit your appraisals to FHA's EAD portal directly within RealEC. You'll be able to monitor submission status and request revisions and overrides in Business Management, so you'll enjoy the same features you would with any appraisal ordered in Mercury Network.

We've also enhanced support for your vendors
Last week, we added live chat help to the vendors' portal. If they have any questions, they can click "Chat now" and be connected to our client relations team for expert answers. 

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