Now, create and automatically attach a statement of engagement for commercial orders

This update adds a way to create a custom statement of engagement and automatically attach it to commercial appraisal orders. Read more below or check out the release notes here.


New settings in Product Requirements

In Product Requirements, you can customize one or more statement of engagement templates. Click Document templates on the toolbar to bring up an editor where you can edit the default template, or if you already have your statement of engagement, just copy/paste it in the editor, update any of the dynamic fields (for instance if you’d like the vendor’s name to populate on the document),  and click Save.

Automatically attach per product


Once you've set up your templates, you can edit your commercial appraisal products to include your statement of engagement when the order is awarded or assigned. It's as simple as choosing your template in the Document templates dropdown when editing Product Requirements. The next time you award or assign that type of order, you'll see the attachment in the audit trail, and the vendor will receive it along with any other documents.


We added this feature because you told us you needed it, so we hope it helps you stay compliant and saves you a bunch of time. Let us know what you think (along with any new ideas) at