New: More detailed notifications about expired orders & updated commercial bid due dates

With this update, we've improved the information in the notification you receive when orders expire, and adopted an industry standard for commercial bid due dates. Read more about this below, and check out the release notes to see how Mercury is improving in other ways.

More detailed Order expired notifications

Previously, when an order expired before you accepted it, the notification didn't include any information about the client. So, if you wanted to contact the client about the order and didn't have their contact information, you'd need to contact our Client Relations team. We are saving you time by providing the contact information right in the Order expired notification. Hopefully, this helps you win back expired orders and saves you a phone call.

Commercial bid due dates

We learned from your feedback that due dates calculated using calendar days cause confusion. So, we looked into it, and found that commercial bid due dates are commonly calculated using business days. Starting July 25, 2017 we're adopting this standard for commercial appraisals ordered in Mercury.

Here's an example of how it works: If you're awarded a bid on July 25th and you submitted a 7-day turn time, the report due date will be August 3, 2017. Before this update, the same order would have had a due date of August 1, 2017.

Of course, we didn't come up with these improvements by ourselves. Client Relations heard these ideas from several of you, so they're a direct result of your feedback. We always appreciate your input, so keep sending your ideas to