to be discontinued

On January 1st, 2018, will be discontinued. Our focus remains on building products for lenders and AMCs. The number of Appraisers actively using FAR has decreased over time causing us to re-allocate our resources in other areas.

To help with this transition, we will be waiving charges for the month of December 2017.  In the event you have already paid your renewal fees for December, those funds will be refunded to you.

There are many effective alternatives for appraisal report quality control available, and most of them are already integrated in the services you currently use. was born to help appraisers adjust to the UAD standardization in preparation for the GSE’s UCDP initiative. Since that time, the standard report checks have been incorporated in your appraisal form filling software applications. Before you submit any report, be sure to run it through your form filling software’s check features.

As another level of protection, most of your clients have customized rule sets implemented on the portals they use for report delivery. Before your client ever receives the report, it is likely run through their first line rules and returned to you if any abnormalities are flagged.

We are eager to help you deliver the highest quality appraisal reports to your clients, so don’t hesitate to contact Mercury Network client relations at 1-800-900-4954 if you have any questions.