In this update: W-9 tax forms, updated maps, new Order view columns, and more

Our latest update brings a few new features:

  • W-9 information for vendors on your fee panel
  • Updated Bing maps in Order Details
  • New columns you can add in the Orders view

The details are in the release notes, and the highlights are below.

Vendor profiles now contain W-9 info

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We recently added the ability for Mercury vendors to add W-9 tax information to their profile, and several thousand of them have already done it. So, with this update, you can now see tax information in the profiles of your fee panel vendors. You'll find it listed along with their other documents, where you can click to view the PDF of the W-9 form. If you require the W-9 for accounting, this should help avoid delays caused by missing information.

When the vendor has entered their social security number on the W-9 form, for security purposes, the number will be hidden. Soon, vendors will be able to elect to disclose that information to you.

Review documents feature now includes W-9

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If you're using the Review documents feature in your fee panel, it will now include your vendors' W-9 info, so if their profile is missing the W-9, you'll be able to request it from them. If a vendor has recently added their W-9 to their profile, this information will be shown in the New folder in the Review documents tab.

Also, if you've enabled the Reviewed documents criteria in your Intelligent Selection Settings, you can completely avoid assigning orders to vendors who lack the W-9.


New columns in the Orders view

There are two new columns you can add to your Orders view using the My columns tool: Freddie Mac's Valuation risk score and Quality risk score. If you use these scores to help gauge risk, this should help you sort and organize orders to suit your workflow better.


Updated maps and images

The property maps and images you see in order details have been updated. They come from Microsoft's Bing service, and they recently updated the way we use those within Mercury. You won't notice many changes aside from the fact that the angled view (which was previously the default) is no longer available. A standard aerial view will be used instead.

Your feedback drives these updates, so please keep it coming to, and watch this space for another useful update in a couple of weeks.