Coming soon: Select an AMC, appraisal firm or appraiser for any order all from the same account

On Saturday, December 3rd, Mercury will be unavailable for a few hours overnight so we can bring you one of your most requested features – the ability to order from an AMC, appraisal firm, or appraiser without switching accounts.  Read on for details.

Mercury unavailable during update

Between 12AM and 8AM Central on December 3rd, Mercury Network will be unavailable while we add several excellent new features which are sure to improve your workflow when working with AMCs and appraisers.

Any automatic submissions, reassignments, and other order activities will continue normally on Saturday morning. We're sorry for any inconvenience!


Coming soon: Assign orders to an AMC, appraisal firm, or appraiser

We're really excited about this update because it brings several requested features - most importantly the ability to assign any order to an AMC/appraisal firm or appraiser. While Mercury users have been able to hire an AMC/Firm for some time, doing so required a Mercury EVF account which was used separately from a standard Mercury account. If you're already using an EVF account and order solely from AMCs, you don't need to change anything about your workflow. But for those of you who need to order from a combination of AMCs, appraisal firms and appraisers, we knew this needed improvement, so here's what we came up with:


AMC/Firm fee panel


You'll now see a dedicated section in your fee panel for AMCs and appraisal firms. You can add these organizations and assign orders to them as you would any appraiser, with some
notable exceptions.

When adding an AMC/Firm to your fee panel, they'll receive an invitation which they'll need to accept or decline before you can assign orders to them. In addition, you won't see any license information for an AMC/Firm, since licenses are only issued to individual appraisers. However, you will still be able to review their documents as you would any appraiser.


Vendor Selection Settings

With this update, you'll be able to select default vendors for each product type.  For example, you can quickly assign all commercial products to an AMC/Firm, while sending residential orders to individual appraisers. It's easily configured in your Vendor Selection Settings by clicking
Default Vendors.


Client group assignment

If you're using client groups in your VMP XSite, you'll be able to set any client group to always assign orders to an AMC/Firm. It's another way to better control order assignment while reducing clicks and making you more efficient.


Reassignment limits

When using automatic order assignment, we added a control which allows you to limit the number of times Mercury reassigns the order. The system will stop trying to assign the order and notify you after a certain number of attempts - a number which you determine. This lets you use automatic assignment knowing that you're in complete control.

We hope you'll find that these new features expand your order assignment options while increasing the control you have over Mercury's automated features. As usual, we based these improvements on your feedback, so keep it coming to If you're interested in seeing new features like these before everyone else, be sure to check out our beta program.