See when other team members are currently working on an order

With this update, you are able to see when an order is open by another team member. Plus, there are new options for building an appraiser candidate list based on designations, as well as new syncing options if you have a VMP XSite. Click here for the release notes, and read on for the highlights.

See when an order is opened by another user

If you and another user are working on an order at the same time, there's a risk of overwriting or duplicating work. So, you now have a couple of ways to see if an order is currently opened by another team member.

In the Orders view, you can add the new Opened by column to any folder. It will show which user has opened the order, plus the date and time they opened it.


When you view Order Details, the banner will show you if the order is opened and by whom. This way, you can contact the other team member to coordinate your work.

New options when building appraiser candidate lists

You told us you wanted a way to search for appraisers by their designation. So, when building your fee panel, you'll see that we added appraiser designations/certifications as new criteria. Use these to create a candidate list made up of appraisers who hold exactly the designations and certifications you require.

Sync new statuses to your VMP client

If you're using a VMP XSite, you'll now be able to sync an order's status to your client when the order requires reassignment and when there's a new modification status.  For the modification status, you can decide to sync when it's been requested, accepted, or declined - or any combination of the three. This helps you keep automatic notifications flowing exactly how you want them to.


Tell us what you think of these new features, and if you've thought of a tool you'd like to see in Mercury, let us know at