Coming up: New sync options to keep clients informed about order acceptance

You'll soon have the option to let your clients know if an appraiser lets an order expire without accepting or declining it. In addition, when an order is automatically reassigned, you'll have the option to always use the new vendor's published fee. The highlights for these (and more) features are below, and you can see the release notes here.


New audit trail sync options

In order to keep your clients informed about order acceptance, we'll add a new sync option for certain audit trail events. You'll be able to let clients know when an appraiser has allowed an order to expire, plus when an appraiser has declined an order. This is simply another way to help your clients stay abreast of their order status while letting you stay "hands-free" by automating the task.


Optionally use the vendor's published fee when auto-reassigning orders

When an order is automatically reassigned to a new vendor, you'll now have the option to use the new vendor's published fee. This should reduce delays caused when you have to re-negotiate the fee with the newly-assigned vendor.


More of your users will soon see order groups and their members

Users with read-only rights to the fee panel will soon be able to view the list and members of order groups. This way, users who don't manage the fee panel will still be able to field your client's questions about any vendor's eligibility.