Coming up: Enhanced Complete assignment and Attach documents for Appraisers

Soon, you'll be able to easily deliver reports to your clients in the formats they require with our enhanced Complete assignment screen. Plus, we've improved the Attach documents screen with better indicators and fewer clicks which makes managing the files you share with your clients even easier. The highlights are below, and you can see the release notes here.


New options when completing orders

With our enhanced Complete assignment screen, it’s even easier for you to deliver completed reports to your clients in the format(s) they require. We now seamlessly support the delivery of reports in MISMO XML, PDF and ENV format all through our updated interface. When the order is being completed, you will be prompted for the required format, making it easy to comply with the client's requirements.


Better Attach documents dialog

We’ve made attaching documents to orders even easier with updates to our Attach document screen. You can upload more than one document and receive an immediate response that your file was uploaded successfully. This is just one more enhancement to help speed up your workflow and simplify order management.

If you're interested in using new features before anyone else, our beta program would be a good fit because we're always looking for folks who can test the newest features and help us improve them before they're released. Apply to join the beta program here.