Vendors, you can now add a checking account to pay transaction fees

With today's update, you have a new option to pay your transaction fees using your checking account. Plus, if you add a second payment method, you will have both a primary and a backup. The highlights of these features are below, and the release notes are here.

Pay transaction fees with your checking account


Many of you have told us that you would prefer to use a checking account to pay your transaction fees. So, in the Account view, you can use the updated Payment methods section to set up your checking account. It's as simple as entering your account information and clicking Save.

Set a primary and a backup payment method

In conjunction with the new checking account option, you can now add a backup payment method, which ensures your transaction fees are always covered and orders keep flowing.

When entering or editing a payment method, check Set to primary in the Usage order section. That means we'll charge this checking account or credit card first, and if the transaction fails, we'll move on to the backup method.

We always enjoy hearing your feedback, so keep it coming to  We'll turn your ideas into new features just as we did with the checking account options in today's update!