Coming up: Fee panel vendors can auto-accept your orders, view their stats, and more

With our next update, your fee panel vendors can automatically accept your orders.  Also, those vendors will be able to view the same statistics you see for them.  Along with new profile status messages and fee panel notifications, this is a big update for your vendors that will improve your workflow too. The highlights are below, and the release notes are here.

Vendors can auto-accept orders

Your vendors now have a new feature called My Panels which lets them see and do more with the fee panels they're currently on. Now they can see a list of every client who has added them to their fee panel, and for each of those panels, they can choose to automatically accept new orders. It helps them make sure they don't miss orders from their important clients (that's you!) and speeds up the assignment/acceptance process a lot.


Vendors can view their stats

Also in your vendors' new My Panels tab, for each fee panel listed, there's a View Stats link. This lets them view their statistics for each fee panel of which they're a member, and they'll see the same info you do when looking at your own panel. However, if you don't want your vendors to see their stats for your fee panel, you have the option to turn it off. Just click Options to disable publishing your statistics to your vendors.


Profile status

In our continued effort to reduce delays due to incomplete or out-of-date vendor profiles, we're showing a new alert to your vendors when they log in and their profile is missing information. This (along with the new email profile notifications that started with the previous update) should reduce the hassle when one of your fee panel vendors doesn't receive your orders because of bad profile info.

These improvements (and other new exciting features that are on the way) were created based on your suggestions, so keep your feedback coming to