Improvements to the Make a Payment page, UCDP submissions, and more in the latest update

This release includes improvements to the way the Make a Payment page behaves, better handling for multiple DI User IDs when submitting to the UCDP, and security enhancements. You can see full details in the release notes, and read on for the highlights.

Make a Payment page

In one of our recent updates to the Make a Payment page, we made the Client tech fee line item appear on orders where it wasn’t necessary. This didn’t affect the payment amount or anything else, but could possibly cause confusion for the borrower, so we removed it.

Also on the Make a Payment page: There were instances where partial credit card information was entered when the order was placed, then the borrower entered the complete info when submitting their payment, but the info they entered wasn’t saved. This would have kept the lender from charging the card, but it’s been fixed so you won’t see this issue going forward.

Better handling for multiple DI User IDs

If you use more than one DI User ID for submissions to the UCDP, this change is for you. Previously, you needed to alter your UCDP settings to accommodate multiple IDs, but now we can store these for you to eliminate the extra steps. We’ll need to set this up for you, so contact your account manager to get started with this option.

VMP XSites: More vendor info on invoices

For better transparency, if you’ve elected to include the vendor’s fee on your invoices, the vendor’s name, company name, and address will now be shown as well. This setting can be enabled for all orders or for client groups.

Ongoing security enhancements

As usual, we made improvements to security for the platform in this release. These changes included new security headers on several pages, plus we found and removed obsolete code, which is just good tech hygiene and reduces possible vulnerabilities.