Available now: Closing date field, new UCDP messages supported

Starting today, lenders will see a new field which shows the loan’s Closing date, and we’re supporting new messages from Freddie Mac’s UCDP and Loan Collateral Advisor. See the release notes for complete details on this release, and read on for the highlights.


New Closing Date field


The loan’s Closing date is now available as a data point for lenders in Mercury Network. You’ll be able to see it in the order’s Assignment information and you can use the My columns tool to add it to your Order Management view (which also means you can export it with the new Export tool). For VMP XSite users, you can also add it to your client’s order form. This is based on your feedback, so we hope having the closing date at a glance will improve efficiency for your team.


Support for new messages from Freddie Mac

On October 31, Freddie Mac added new feedback messages which are returned from the UCDP and their Loan Collateral Advisor product. They also enhanced existing messages for better sorting and classification. Mercury Network supported these messages on the day they became available, so you never missed a beat.


Better password security for vendors

Going forward, when a vendor changes their password, they will be prevented from using any of their last five passwords—a measure which is already in place for lenders and AMCs. This is an industry-standard measure to prevent possibly-compromised passwords from being reused, which could result in unauthorized access to your account. This is part of our ongoing effort to stay proactive in keeping your data in Mercury Network safe.